• NEW!

    Bringing you the new car smell.

  • Pre-Owned

    All pre-owned vehicles go through a rigorous inspection. We don't sell lemons.

  • A Refreshing Alternative

    We take the hassle out of purchasing a car.

  • The Perfect Car

    We want to help you get the exact car you really want!

Your Personal Auto-Buying Service

At AutoSearch USA, buying a car is an enjoyable and relaxed process, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at a local dealership.


Over the last decade, AutoSearch USA has become the nation’s most trusted automobile buying advocate. Through our free nationwide service we educate and advise consumers looking to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle by offering an ethical, unbiased approach that empowers consumers to buy a vehicle at low, factory-direct prices. Knowledgeable AutoSearch USA consultants educate and advise you and then work on your behalf to save time, money and eliminate unpleasant negotiating experiences.

New or pre-owned, car, truck, SUV or Hybrid, we want to get the car you really want—any year, any make, any model. You’ll never have to settle for what’s on a dealer’s lot.

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